Website Design & Development
for Steve Mann Caravans

A new and improved
online direction

Steve Mann Caravans is a one-stop shop for all touring caravan and motorhome needs, with a large accessory shop, indoor showroom and repairs and servicing team.

We was approached by Steve Mann Caravans to create a elegant and engaging website usable by all ages.

Giving customers
exactly what they want and need

Every day potential and existing customers visit the Steve Mann Caravans website, either to get information, browser caravans or to get in touch.

These visitors are accessing the website on many devices, including mobiles, tablets or computers. Therefore we had to refine the mobile experience to ensure navigation and usability is as natural as possible.

The outcome resulted in a huge increase in website traffic and user satisfaction.

A great mobile experience

We wanted to ensure the new website works perfectly on mobile devices to maximise accessibility.

So we simplified the mobile experience to ensure it’s simplified – but not too simple.

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